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Why did people want the king back in 1646?

Case study 1: Effects of war 1642-45 - Source 2

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An order published by Parliament about the city of Lincoln, 18 February 1642

(Catalogue ref: SP 16/497/29)

[Extra explanations are in square brackets.]

Various desperate and unfriendly persons of the county and city of Lincoln are in actual war and rebellion against the Parliament and kingdom. Or they have voluntarily [freely] given horses, arms, money, goods or plate [silver and gold objects] and entered into a group for the maintaining and stirring up of this unnatural war and civil combustion [country in flames]. So it is ordered by the Lords and Commons in Parliament that the committee for the county and city of Lincoln shall have full power and authority to take all rents, money, horses, arms, goods and plate of every person at war or in a group against the Parliament.