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Why did people go to war in 1642?

Case study 1: 1637-39 - Source 6


A rude poem sent to Sir John Coke, 4 May 1639

(Catalogue ref: SP 16/420/48)

Source 6a

[The letter]

May it please you to be advertised that this inclosed note (haveing the time of receipt indorsed upon it of mine owne hand writing) was delivered to me at Shewsbury by one Mr Thomas Jones a young utter barrister liveing there who recaved it that day of one Tong an Alehousekeeper who receaved it of his wife who upon her examinacion alledgeth she found it in a comon road leading towards Shrewsbury the writer is not yet to be discovered nor any abbetter thereof. Now Sir I being a Justice of Peace in the towne and County of Salop [Shropshire] and observing towards the end of His Majesties proclamation against the Scotts that things of that nature are to be sent to one of his Majesties Secretaries have according to my duty sent it your hand and will God willing doe my best endeavor to discover the Arthor. …

Source 6b

[The note]

Lord blesse this our potata pie

And peele out all the Bishope eyes

And now we are of great might

Wee mene to make you a bloddy fight