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What kind of king was Charles I?

Case study 2: Charles I as a ruler - Source 3


An order to pay a bill for embroidering royal gowns, March 1627

(Catalogue ref: SP 39/19/51)

Charles by the grace of God etc. To the Treasurer and undertreasurer of our Exchequer for the tyme being greeting. Whereas upon pitition lately exhibited unto us by Charles Gentey Imbroiderer to our dearest Consort Queene Mary gave order unto your our Treasurer to pay unto him the Some of nyn hundred thirteen pounds tenn shillings, the Summ being due unto him [?] by Sertificat under your hands of Mr George Abercromby knight and Hugh Aston officers of the [?] to our said dearest Consort for certaine stuffe and imbroydering fifteen gownes for our dearest Consort and thirteen Ladies,