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What kind of king was Charles I?

Case study 2: Charles I as a ruler - Source 2


Documents relating to the Duke of Buckingham, 1627

(Catalogue ref: SP 16/68/52, SP 16/68/54, SP 16/67/53)

Source 2a

And by vertue of this same power, which we have granted and confirmed, and doe hereby grant and confirm unto this Duke of Buckingham; Wee doe likewise hereby authorize him this said Duke of Buckingham, to make election of his Deputie in his absence, upon this occasion of other Affaires or in his sickness; and to confer and confirm upon and to his said Deputie the same commission of power, to execute all thinges, in all pointes belonging to the Office and Command of him the said Duke in this employment; with as full and absolute an authoritie; and as effectualie as if he the said Duke of Buckingham were himselfe in person present.

Source 2b

George duke Marquisse and Earle of Buckingham Earle of Coventrie Viscount Villiers Baron of Whaddon Lord High Admirall of England Lord Warden of the Cinque ports Lieutenant of the Counties of Middlesex and Buck, cheife Justice and Justice in Eire of his Majesties Forrests Chases and Park on this side Trent, and of his Majesties house, first Gentleman of his Majestie’s Bedchamber knight of the most noble order of the Garter one of his Majestie’s most honourable privie Councell and Lord Generall of his Majestie’s Fleet and Army imployed in this present expedition to

Source 2c

… our occurrances heare are of noe greate consequence; wee have them all at the second hand from you: Little Geffrey the Queens dwarfe fell last day out of the window at Denmark house; the queene tooke it soe heavily that she attyrd not her selfe that day; wee ar all well, only my Lady pukes a little, which makes us hope she is with child; for wishinge you all hapiness in your proceedings I rest

Your most faithfull & affectionated frinde

Will Bold

Buckingham house

18 June 1627