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Why did people go to war in 1642?

Case study 2: 1640-42 - Source 7

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A pamphlet published by Parliament, 9 June 1642

(Journals of the House of Commons, Vol. II, 1640-1642, p.618. Reprinted in 1803 by Order of the House of Commons)

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JHC, 1640-42, Vol. II, p. 618; pamphlet from Parliament

What is this source?

These are sections of a pamphlet published by Parliament. The Civil War was fought on the battlefields, but also through propaganda (in the form of pamphlets like this) which promoted the ideas of one side or the other.


What's the background to this source?

By 1642 relations between Charles and Parliament were a disaster.


It's worth knowing that...

The war officially began on 22 August 1642. Although we talk about Charles fighting Parliament, we should remember that the country was divided in many ways.


Your turn: What can we learn from this source?

What was James trying to say? Try to identify parts of the speech showing that:

  1. According to this source, what had the king been doing?
  2. According to this source, was the king to blame for the troubles affecting the country?
  3. What actions was Parliament taking?
  4. How did the source try to reassure people about Parliament’s actions?
  5. Does this source give us any clues about why the kingdom went to war in 1642?