Transferring coroners’ records to Places of Deposit

We have prepared this advice in consultation with the Chief Coroner’s Office and the Chief Archivists in Local Government Group (CALGG) of the Archives and Records Association (ARA) and London Metropolitan Archives (LMA). This guidance is designed to assist both coroners and Places of Deposit (PoDs) in carrying out their duties under the Public Records Act 1958 (‘the Act’).


Find out the scope of this guidance and learn about the roles and responsibilities of different organisations in the public record system.

Preparation and transfer

Learn about the transfer of records to a Place of Deposit and find out how to prepare records for transfer.

Appraisal and selection: general principles

Find out what care should be taken to select certain files and documents.

Appraisal and selection of coroners' inquest files

Understand the criteria of good practice developed and implemented by a Place of Deposit with substantial holdings of coroners’ inquest files.

Sample appraisal protocol

Here is a sample appraisal protocol from London Metropolitan Archives

Further reading

Take a look at some further guidance on transferring to places of deposit.