Understanding your community

This page provides a range of resources designed to help you develop a good understanding of the needs and interests of the community you serve. On this page you will find tools with effective methods for:

  • finding your audience
  • engaging your audience
  • understanding your audience
  • demonstrating your impact on audiences
  • creating an audience development plan

These tools will help you to gather information about your audiences, including existing and potential users, and to analyse and evaluate existing and potential audience needs and interests. They are are designed to help you improve your methods of engagement in response to the identified needs and interests of your communities.

We also provide you with case studies and guidance on developing access and participation.

FAQs (real questions from archives) (DOC, 0.15Mb)

Finding your audience (DOC, 0.24Mb)

Engaging your audience (DOC, 0.30Mb)

Understanding your audience (DOC, 1.67Mb)

Planning for audience development (DOC, 0.24Mb)

Understanding and developing audiences for archives – Helen Ball presentation (PPT, 10.00Mb)