Effective recruitment practices are a key factor in supporting the delivery of successful services and projects. The role of professional archivists lies at the heart of the work of an archive service.

This guidance explores good practice when writing job descriptions and person specifications for professional archivist roles.

Every recruitment campaign is different, as is every job and every organisation. This guidance is not designed so that you can copy and paste text into your own recruitment templates. Instead, use the prompts and information on these pages to guide your thinking and decision-making about what you are hoping to achieve from your recruitment campaign.

It is a good idea to familiarise yourself with your organisation’s recruitment practices, templates and procedures first of all. You can then reflect on the suggestions and issues raised in this guidance, decide which elements are helpful for you to include, and then adjust the wording to suit your own circumstances and practices.

Seeking help from others to sense check your drafts will help pick up whether you have achieved a good and realistic balance of responsibilities within the role and expressed your points in a way that will make sense and attract to potential applicants.