Digital preservation tools and systems

Your approach to Digital Preservation should be modular and flexible, to ensure it is sustainable. A combination of tools and technology that are currently available may be the most cost-effective means of achieving this flexibility:

  • file format identification from The National Archives: DROID (freeware)
  • file registry database from The National Archives: PRONOM (freeware)
  • Community Owned Digital Preservation tool registry: COPTR
  • SPRUCE project, including a Digital Preservation Business Case toolkit: SPRUCE

Digital preservation systems

There are a growing number of options available on the market that address the digital preservation needs of archives. We have compiled a list of digital preservation solutions for archives, including commercial and open source. Product descriptions have been taken in part or in whole from the product web pages. For each option we have included information such as:

  • the features of the product
  • whether it is OAIS compliant
  • whether it is open source or commercial
  • whether it is software or a service
  • whether there is easy to access documentation and an active user community, which can be particularly important for open source products
  • whether storage is included
  • what level (if any) of file encryption is offered

While The National Archives cannot individually endorse one product over another, this list should hopefully serve as a useful starting point of the options available to archives.

Digital preservation repository systems for archives (XLS, 0.03 MB)

The list is by no means exhaustive and will be updated to include new systems as and when we become aware of them. It also does not include tools that can be used modularly for particular digital preservation actions.