Sick roll

A list of men-at-arms, archers, grooms and valets (soldiers/servants) in the retinues of John Waterton, Thomas Dutton and Henry Loundes esquire, who were allowed to return home to England from Harfleur due to sickness.

Catalogue reference: E 101/45/1


The names of sick men of the / retinue of John de Waterton’ and / also of other esquires and captains


William Wastnes
Robert Feribe


Edmund Taillour
William Lyndesey
John Halons
Robert Halons
David Porter


Richard Zole
Walter Hales


Baldwin Bongge
Thomas Flaundres Ric[hard] Streger, servant
Richard Bassett
John Owewyn’
William Willemot
Matthew Bowre
Walter Hayles


John de Ca
Robert Saltmarsh  of the retinue of Henry Loundes, esquire

The names of sick archers / assigned to Thomas Dutton


Robert de Willm’
Roger de Harper
Ralf Clayton’
William Herewode
Piers Horsall
Jonet de Crompton’
Geoffrey Crompton’
Robert Dangel
Alexander Metham
Robert Metham
John Whyttelay
John Popylwell’
John Paslow
Roger Wright
William Wittfeld
Thomas Soke
William Pakot
William Hawker
Robert Darcy
William Stanfeld
William Chylton’
John Wright
Oliver de Barton’ and two valets
Hankyn de Barton’ and two valets
Richard Carter
Henry Barlowe
Higyn Hokkynson’
Roger Smyth

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