Retinue roll

The retinue roll of Sir Simon Felbrigg, giving a complete list of names of 13 men-at-arms (rather than the 12 he was contracted to recruit) and 36 archers within his retinue.

The fate of each man is revealed by annotations added after the campaign had ended.

Catalogue reference: E 101/45/3 [2]


The retinue of Simon Felbrigg, Knight, lately retained [to stay] with the Lord King for one whole year by a certain indenture of the Lord King given under his privy seal, dated 29th April in the third year of the reign of King Henry the Fifth after the conquest, in order to go with the said Lord King in person towards the parts of France or elsewhere with twelve men-at-arms, counting himself, and thirty-six archers, whose names are noted individually below.


Were with the king at the battle of Agincourt

Simon Felbrigge, knight
John Taverham
Simon Groos
John Kechill
John Reymes
William Clere

died at Harfleur

Robert Todenham
Bartholomew Appelyerde

withdrew from the town of Harfleur into England by reason of sickness

John Groos
John Holkham
Robert White
Thomas Gayne
John Crispyngge
Oliver Schilton


Roger Baille John Fourbour
Adam Large Richard Ferrour
William Norton’ Hugh Bowier
Richard Chamb’  John Clerke
Thomas Exston’ Simon’ Catour
Robert Ostreger John Mason
William Exmor John Boteler
John Fode Henry Hunte
John Thurkild William Webstre
John Bischop’ William Park
Geoffrey Barker William Trewelove
John Mendham John Lakenhale
Edmund Walsham John Bisshop’
John Postle John Burbroke
Simon Postele  John Balle
Thomas Neve John Cutteregge
William Trewe Reginald Hanyn
Simon Covteshale John Pye

The which thirty-six archers were with the lord king at the battle of Agincourt just as the aforesaid Simon Felbrigge says upon his oath.

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