Account of Agincourt – page 3

A brief narrative of the battle of Agincourt most likely copied from the 16th century chronicle written by Raphael Holinshed. The account formed part of a late 16th century draft treatise on military strategy, tactics and leadership that drew on various examples and knowledge from medieval and antiquarian sources.

See page one and page two of this account.

Catalogue reference: SP 9/36


But restored ye goodes to ye honors

there of the citizens of Cain

Now the reporte & fame of this his

great bountie & well intreating

of those of Caine and of his clemency

and mercy shewed to captives, and

how he shewed such grace to all

those which putt themselves into his

hands: so that all the captains of the

towns adioyneing to Cain cam

willingly unto him offering him

their townes & goodes: wherfor

he made proclamation: that all

men which would submit them

to him should inioyne their goodes

and liberties in as large a maner

as they had done a foretime so that

this moved all ye townes rounde abo-

ute to yield and so submit unto him

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