Find out more about our key records specialists and spokespeople for The National Archives below. To obtain contact details for our spokespeople, email the Press team.

Our Executive team and Board are also available for comment.

  • roger-kershawRoger Kershaw – Head of Audience Delivery

    Roger Kershaw joined The National Archives in 1986 and is the Head of Audience Delivery in the Collections Expertise and Engagement department.

    Roger has an MA in Archives and Records Management from University College London and over 30 years’ experience in researching records at The National Archives and other archives. He has published five books: Immigrants and Aliens – a guide to sources on UK immigration and citizenship; Emigrants and Expats – a guide to sources on UK emigration and residents overseas; Family History on the Move; New Lives for Old – the story of Britain’s child migrants; and Migration Records. He regularly appears at British genealogy fairs promoting the work of The National Archives and has previously presented international papers in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

  • sean-cunninghamSean Cunningham – Head of Medieval Records

    Dr Sean Cunningham has worked in the public services and research departments of The National Archives for over 15 years. He is currently the Head of Medieval Records within the Collections Expertise and Engagement department.

    Sean has extensive experience of research into late medieval and early Tudor England, and has published widely on the reigns of Richard III and Henry VII, the politics and society in the north of England, and the records of late medieval government. He is a Fellow of the Royal Historical Society and co-convenor of the Late Medieval Seminar at London University’s Institute of Historical Research.

  • mark-duntonMark Dunton – Principal Records Specialist, Contemporary Records

    Mark Dunton joined The National Archives (formerly Public Record Office) in 1983 and has in-depth knowledge and experience of researching public records, specialising in post-1945 Britain. Mark has given many public talks, many of which are available to download as podcasts, and has been the lead media spokesperson on the annual release of government files under the 30-year rule since 2006.

    Mark has a BA in History from Exeter University, an MA in Archives and Records Management from University College London and an MA in War Studies from King’s College London. His research interests include post-1945 British political, social and economic history and the policies of the Heath government in the early 1970s.