File list

The following list gives the file structure for Advisory Council files held by the secretary.

Administration Adm Administration of the council, including finance, travel claims, catering arrangements for meetings
Appointments Appt Recruitment of new members of the council, including application forms, submissions to the Lord Chancellor, instruments of appointment
Constitution and conduct Con Code of conduct for members of the council; position and responsibilities of the council as a non departmental public body
Quinquennial review Con/Quin Quinquennial reviews of the council
General correspondence Gen Letters from members of the public, government departments and others
Membership Mem Responsibilities of the council under the Guidance of the Commissioner for Public Appointments; publication of details about the council’s membership
Minutes and memoranda Min Agendas, signed minutes of meetings and papers submitted to meetings
Precedents Prec Copies of papers giving decisions of the council which set a precedent or determine a policy for the future
Publicity Pub Summaries of meetings issued for public information and other methods of publicising the role of the council. Drafting of the annual report together with copies of the published texts
Register of members’ interests Int Members’ statements and the publicly available register
Archives Sub/Arc Local, business and specialist archives
FoI policy Sub/FoI Policy on the operation of the FoI Act
GCHQ Sub/GCHQ Review of GCHQ selection criteria
Legislation Sub/Leg Archival and other legislation
Private papers Sub/Priv Private and family papers
Retentions and extended closures Sub/Ret Negotiations with departments on retentions and extended closures