Software Developer Apprentice

James Biggs, Software Developer Apprentice

There is great flexibility and plenty of benefits!

I came to The National Archives as an apprentice, in order to achieve a level 4 in software development. I came to learn about how software development is applied in the workplace, pick up skills and start my career as a Software Developer.

What do you enjoy most about your job?

I do all sorts! I’ve done both front- and back-end development, dealt with stakeholders, and attended meetings.

I really enjoy the technical challenges that you face day-to-day as a Software Developer, and I enjoy learning from these.

I also – surprisingly – enjoy attending meetings! I’m sure there aren’t many people who can say that about their work! The team are a lovely group of people (as well as the wider organisation) and I enjoy hearing all what they have to say.

What’s it like working at The National Archives?

Everyone is really friendly and welcoming. Although most of my time at The National Archives has been spent online (I started this role a day before lockdown), I have been received really well into the team and I’m grateful for the experience they have given me so far – even during a really tough time.

The Digital Services team is full of kind, knowledgeable workers who are always willing to help.

There is great flexibility in the hours you can work, and lots of benefits, such as the Civil Service Sports Council (CSSC), which is a great community for anyone who enjoys sports.

You also get free admission to lots of heritage and historic sites across the UK, such as Kew Gardens, which is only a short walk away from the office.

All in all, I’d say working at the Archives is great if you like a challenge, but also like to have a team of friendly faces around you to support you while you tackle the challenge.