Front End Developer

John Heery, Front End Developer

A great environment to work in, with good people, interesting work and worthwhile outcomes.

Why did you want to join The National Archives?

After over 10 years in commercial Web development, I was looking for a more worthwhile use of my skills and experience.

What type of work do you do?

I help build our Digital Estate, which is a variety of websites that we serve to the Public, enabling them to use our Services/Archive with the emphasis on Accessibility so our resources are as available to everyone as much as possible.

What’s it like working at The National Archives?

It’s been very enjoyable with plenty of opportunities to get involved in a wide variety of work. Everyone has been very welcoming and we all work collaboratively to achieve the best outcomes. There’s a great wealth of experience and knowledge at TNA and good communication is key to what we do. Recommended