The Friends’ magazine

Magna, the magazine of the Friends of The National Archives, is published in May and November. It is free to members and available in print and electronic format.

The magazine contains articles of interest to all branches of the historical community, as well as news from The National Archives.

Example edition

November 2022

  • In the November 2022 edition some of the features and articles include
    • the history behind rear-crew ejection seats in the V-bomber
    • an introduction to the archives of the Meteorological Office, more familiarly known as the Met Office.
    • a reminder that history comes in many forms and not just documents. There are many kinds of artefacts that are also part of the historical narrative such as the gramophone record, photographs and maps.
    • an account of the 1685 coronation of James II
    • a brief history of printing and its development
    • a rallying call for the Home Guard in the 1940s and
    • a short piece on the BBC reporters lost in action.

How you can contribute to the magazine

We welcome contributions on any aspect of history or historical research. If you would like to submit material, please email or send it to:

Magna Magazine Editor
The Friends of The National Archives
Surrey TW9 4DU

If you would like to contribute, please see our style guidelines:

Friends’ magazine style guidelines (PDF, 0.11MB)