Opportunities and proposals

We invite proposals for the commercial digitisation of records and packages through our licensing programmes. To aid and support partners in the discovery of our records, our team has researched opportunities for partners to consider. They are not designed to be prescriptive, rather proposals will be considered for use either as illustrated, or as the foundations for bigger ideas.


The following opportunity has been selected against a range of criteria, undergraduate course popularity, course frequency and education trends, as well as their value for use as primary research material. Our information sheets provide an overview of the documents, details of key themes covered, and include page number estimates and samples.

Family History

The following opportunity is just one of the fascinating, sometimes niche, records that have not yet been digitised. Our information sheets list the subject matter, indexable information, size, scope and condition of the collections. They also include photographs of the documents.

Please note that if more than one proposal for any given ‘opportunity’ is received within one month of the first submission, it may become subject to a competitive tender.

If you are interested in any of the above opportunities, or wish to discuss your own proposals, please contact the Licensing team by telephone on +44 (0)20 3908 9161 or by email.