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Lawlessness on the border

Fol. 127

...Thus your lordshipe may see the vewe of our lawles people who are growne to suche strengthe as almost none dare offende them, they are a people that wilbe Scottishe when they will and Englishe at theire pleasure they kepe gentlemen of the cuntrey in feare, care not what evil accions they take in hand and by theise allyaunces her maiesties horses that shoulde serve the realme are transported into Scotland the poore are oppressed for where they owe displeasure they drawe theire plates and veyues theire purpos until they have made it sure and brings in Scotshmen to do execucions of theire pretence and meke them selves clere of those crymes that theire brothers sonnes sisters children, and other nerre kynsfolke and allyaunce doe. The poore crye out and are glad to sell theire levinges to them that oppress them for what it pleaseth them to gyve. I my selfe have sene the Grames assayle my L. Scrup being wardin, and have put him and the gentlemen of the cuntrey in great perill & manie of his companie hurte yet never anie execution done for it, but all remytted & forgeven, besydes manie other high crymes done and never anie that loste his lyfe for whatsoever they did. Hardly deare anie gentlemen of the cuntrey be of anie jury of life and death if anie of them be indyted as the justices of that circuit can testifie, they are growne so to seke bloode, for they will make a quarrell for the death of theire grandfather

Fol. 127v

...and they will kyll any of the name that are in feade with. So I (my good Lord) ame banished my cuntrey for feare of my lyfe, and from my place of service where I have served this X yeares and I do but report my doings to the gentlemen and trewe people of the cuntrey, and my behaviour to my neighbours. And seinge, my L. I ame banished from my frendes and forst to stand on my gard in a land of pease, havynge tyed my selfe to all the Queenes lawes which they dare not answer, my onely trust resteth in your honor to be my helpe, trustinge your L. will pittie my estate and my olde fathers. And I shall be bounde daly to pray to God for your good healthe longe lyfe & increase of much Honor. And what I shall take in hand I hope my L. and mr the earle of Warwick, and his brother my L. of Hunsdon and my L. President of the North will geyve theire wordes for me. Thus I have shewed my diligence towardes your L. Hoping to have pardone for my rashe presumpsion to your L. I geve over to troble your L. prayinge the Almightie to preserve your lyfe health & honor longe in this realme of England.

Your L.most humble and obedient duringe lyfe to comaunde

[signed] Thomas Musgrave

Date: late 1583 (probably autumn)

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