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Propaganda: Production - salvage

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"Overworked porter driven mad!" Le Witt & Him, 1944. Gouache and pencil on board

Overworked porter driven mad!

"Overworked porter driven mad!" Le Witt & Him, 1944

Catalogue ref: INF 3/85Links to the Catalogue

An anti-litter poster. A comic design in the style of Lewitt-Him designed to be seen by railway travellers, many of whom were just coming on or off duty. The image depicts a stationmaster in an oversized coat, standing on a station, presumably as a train goes past at speed. Various newspapers and other types of salvageable litter blow in the wind, past the empty bin. Careful reading of the newspaper headlines provides an extra salvage message: ‘Paper must not be destroyed' and ‘Public asked to co-operate' and also ‘Overworked porter driven mad!'

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