Joseph Chamberlain's evidence for the
Birmingham (Corporation) Gas Bill, 1875
HLRO HC/CL/PB/2/43/3

Q I believe you have actively promoted the refractions which have led to the present state of things?
A From the first.
Q I think I may say you have no personal interest either directly or indirectly in this matter?
A Not the slightest.
Q Do you know what the area of the Borough is?
A I have it here in a table, 8420 acres.
Q And how much of that is built upon?
A. 5900 acres are built upon and the remaining 2500 are under cultivation or unbuilt upon.
Q What is the number of houses at the present time in the Borough?
A It is estimated to be 75,0,000.
Q What average does that give of persons to the acre on the area built upon?
A 59 persons to the acre and 4.7 to every house.
Q What was the population of the entire Borough including Edgbaston and that part of Aston within the Borough at the last Census?
A 343,787 persons.
Q Has that been increasing since the year 1871?
A It is estimated that it is now brought up to . . . .

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