Forced-feeding protest, 1912
HLRO SAA/243 (25 June 1912)

25th June 1912

I beg to acquaint the Serj[ean]t at Arms that at 5.45 pm 25th Isabella Irvine (apparently a Suffragette) of 13 Victoria Road Brighton entered St Stephens Hall and enquired for Sir Frederick Banbury M.P she was accompanied by 2 other women, PC 191a Cooper gave her a card (attached) which she handed back to him the other two then engaged him, Irvine was carrying a cloak over her arm and passed behind him going up the steps she pulled out a new hammer and smashed the right side of window leading to Central Hall, exclaiming that it was a protest against forcible feeding, and the imprisonment of Emily Davison, she was taken into custody charged at Cannon Row Police Station by Mr P E Ridge Clerk of Works with wilful damage to the value of 20/- from enquiry she appears to have been charged previously outside, I am of opinion that it is an isolated act and not done with the knowledge of the Womens Social and Political Union to which body she says she belongs to, as there were several in the Hall at the time, they although they knew her seemed surprised at her action Mrs Despard of the Womens Freedom League was a witness and repudiated her action.

She will appear at Bow Street 10 am 26th.
C Scantlebury Ch[ief] Insp[ector]

Sir David Erskine KCVO

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