What kind of man was Field Marshal Montgomery?

Extract from film "Forging ahead in Sicily", British newsreel on the invasion of Sicily 1943

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As usual, seeing for himself is the most popular man in the army: Monty. He finds the ready capitulation of the Italian soldiers, a significant sign.

And now we're on the road again, keeping up with a steady stream of vehicles bound for Avola. Sometimes this highly mechanised warfare goes off the rails and the beast of burden comes into his own again. And when kiddies are about, nothing can stop Tommy Atkins from giving them a slab of the real stuff.

Mr. Deedes comes to town. The black faced gentleman did big deeds from the air. American airborne troops coming into Avola after some tough fighting backstage. As the penetration proceeds, we see from day to day how the British, Canadian and American forces are interwoven into one magnificent body.