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Victorian Britain

 Victorian Britain is divided into sections (galleries) based on indivdual themes. The galleries contain introductory text and a number of primary sources, which have questions to go with them. The sources form an investigation, which can be followed by working through the questions that accompany them.
Each gallery also features fun interactive activities based on the information in the gallery. There are 'Timelines' for each gallery and a 'Find out more' section.

The Galleries
Thumbnails of the primary sources are laid out on the main page.
Click on these to see an enlarged version of the source, plus questions and more information.

Students can read the original text and look at the transcripts by clicking on the transcript button. These will open in a new window so students can compare the original and the transcript side by side.

Where the source contains complicated language, we have provided a simplified transcript.

 Film Video icon
A film reel icon next to a source indicates that there is a video clip featuring "a Victorian" reading some excerpts from the source. View the source page and then click on the film reel icon on that page. The video clip will open in a new window.

  Sound Sound icon
Sound clips are indicated by a gramophone icon. These play in the same way as the video.

 Navigation Exhibition title
To navigate around the exhibition, use the top menu bar. Clicking on the title of the exhibition takes you back to the main menu.
Clicking on the Learning Curve heading takes you to the Learning Curve website.

  Plug Ins
To listen to sound clips you will need to download the QuickTime plugin which can be obtained from:
To watch to the video clips you will need to download the QuickTime plugin which can be obtained from: