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Students and teachers can use our themed collections of original documents to develop their own questions and lines of historical enquiry.

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Classroom resource

19th century prison ships

What do these documents reveal about attitudes to crime and punishment?
Classroom resource

Cats and mice

What tactics were used by suffragettes, police and government?
Classroom resource

Civil Rights in America

Follow the progress of the struggle through the archives
Classroom resource

English Reformation c1527-1590

How did state and people respond to religious change?
Classroom resource

Fifties Britain

Never so good? Or too good to be true?
Classroom resource

Richard II

Were the troubles facing England in the 1370s and 1380s due to Richard II’s age and inexperience?
Classroom resource

Selling the Victorians

Victorians for sale! Has advertising changed from Victorian times?
Classroom resource

Sixties Britain

A social and cultural revolution?
Classroom resource

Victorian lives

How was life different in Victorian times?