Explore documents in English and Welsh that explain and manage the Archive Service Accreditation Scheme.

Applying for Archive Service Accreditation from April 2018

We are carrying out a light refresh of Archive Service Accreditation and its guidance documentation.  This means that some elements of the application form and guidance documentation are currently being revised following their review. Archive services making an application for Archive Service Accreditation from April 2018 are advised to refer to the revised documentation when planning their application. Read our blog to find out more about the coming revisions.

Revised documentation will be available here from late spring 2018.

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Understanding Archive Service Accreditation and meeting the Standard

The documents in this section will help you understand Archive Service Accreditation and what is expected from an archive service in meeting the requirements of the Standard.

Archive Service Accreditation standard (PDF, 0.35MB)

Achrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau: Y Safon (PDF, 0.39MB)

Archive Service Accreditation guidance (PDF, 0.66MB)

Achrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau: Canllawiau

Archive Service Accreditation: Scalability (PDF, 0.16MB)

Achrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau: Graddfeydd (PDF, 0.27MB)

Eligibility guidance (PDF, 0.66MB)

Achrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau: Meini Prawf Cymhwyster (PDF, 0.68MB)

Application forms

The documents in this section are for reference only.

Archive Service Accreditation application form (for reference only) (PDF, 0.66MB)

Achrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau: Ffurflen gais (PDF, 0.59MB)

Application form for review of Archive Service Accreditation (for reference only) (PDF, 0.30MB)

Ffurflen Gais Adolygu’r Gwasanaeth Archifau Achrededig (PDF, 0.34MB)

From April 2018 archive services applying for Archive Service Accreditation will be asked to demonstrate how they meet increased expectations surrounding the management of born digital records. The application form below reflects these changes. Archive services making an application from April 2018 should refer to the revised form when planning their application.

Archive service accreditation application form (0.71 MB)

Achrediad Gwansanaethau Archifau: Ffurflen gais (0.63MB)

Withdrawal of Archive Service Accreditation

The following document explains the circumstances in which accredited status may be withdrawn.

Statement of withdrawal of Archive Service Accreditation (PDF, 0.13MB)

Datganiad ar Dynnu Statws Achrededig yn Ôl (PDF, 0.28MB)

Understanding the terminology and the relationship to other Standards

The following documents explain some of the terms used in Archive Service Accreditation and the relationship of Archive Service Accreditation to other Standards.

Archive Service Accreditation glossary (PDF, 0.10MB)

Geira Archrediad Gwasanaethau Archifau (PDF, 0.12MB)

Cross reference tables (XLS, 0.06MB)

Guidance Note: How does Place of Deposit administration interact with Archive Service Accreditation

Frequently asked questions

Find out more about Archive Service Accreditation by reading our frequently asked questions below.

Archive Service Accreditation FAQs (PDF, 0.23MB)

How to define an archive

For more information on what an archive is, read What are archives? (PDF, 0.15MB)