Valuation Office map finder

Use this tool to identify and order Valuation Office Survey maps of England and Wales from 1910 to 1915. Our Catalogue contains descriptions of nearly 50,000 Valuation Office Survey maps and this innovative tool provides a simple way to identify and order a map without having to visit The National Archives. The process previously required a complex, multi-stage onsite search.

The maps are Ordnance Survey maps covering the whole of England and Wales, but please bear in mind that records do not survive for all places.

The maps serve as the means of reference to more than 95,000 Valuation Office Field Books which contain descriptions of more than 9 million individual houses, farms and other properties, detailing the use and value of lands and buildings, and naming their owners and occupiers.

Please note that Valuation Office Field Books can only be viewed at The National Archives.
For more information on the Valuation Office Survey, its history, contents and how to access its information see the research guide Valuation Office Records: the Finance (1909-1910) Act.

Valuation Office map finder (England/Wales)

Valuation Office map finder (London)