Licensing Forum

The Licensing Forum is made up of a group of practitioners from across the public sector who are involved in licensing and copyright. The Forum provides an opportunity for them to share best practice and problems and to discuss developments in information policy.

Terms of reference

The terms of reference are to share best practice at practitioner level across government.

The forum aims to:

  • improve licensing systems and processes
  • ensure greater consistency in licensing and information policy across government
  • increase transparency of licensing and information policy both internally and externally
  • encourage a greater awareness of emerging information policy across government
  • promote good customer service and responsiveness to customer requirements

Until 2018, the Forum met twice-yearly to discuss developments in licensing and the re-use of public sector information. The National Archives continues to provide licensing advice to public sector organisations.

Find previous agendas below.

Meeting agendas

20 June 2018 (PDF, 0.37 MB)

1 November 2017 (PDF, 0.21 MB)

21 March 2017 (PDF, 0.21 MB)

1 November 2016 (PDF, 0.21 MB)

29 February 2016 (PDF, 0.21 MB)

7 July 2015 (PDF, 0.21 MB)

24 February 2015 (PDF, 0.21 MB)

9 October 2014 (PDF, 0.2 MB)

21 March 2014 (PDF, 0.28 MB)