Information is reused

Each resource below is listed by type, and details the resource name, owner (in brackets), brief description and link.

This resource base is intended to be a ‘living document’. If you wish to contribute a resource or comment on the accuracy of any of these resources please email:


Data Protection Act 1998 (Ministry of Justice / ICO) – Provision for the regulation of the processing of information relating to individuals, including obtaining, holding, use or disclosure of such information.

The Re-use of Public Sector Information Regulations 2005 – ‘PSI Regulations’ – These regulations aim to encourage the re-use of public sector information by removing obstacles that stand in the way of re-use. The main themes are improving transparency, fairness and consistency. See more on public sector information directive and regulations on The National Archives’ website.


Public Sector Information FAQs (The National Archives) – Find useful information on publishing, re-use, licensing, charging and copyright infringement.

Licensing Public Sector Information (The National Archives) – Guidance and examples on ensuring appropriate copyright and licensing.

Reports and Publications (The National Archives) – A collection of reports and publications examining the re-use of public sector information.

The Information Fair Trader Scheme (The National Archives) – The Information Fair Trader Scheme sets and assesses standards for public sector bodies that licence the information they produce. It requires them to encourage the re-use of information and reach a standard of fairness and transparency.

Public Sector Data Sharing: Guidance on the Law (Ministry of Justice) – Guidance setting out the legal framework for data sharing, and in particular the use of personal data by the public sector, across traditional organisational boundaries.

Data Sharing Review (Independent) – An independent review of the use and sharing of data in the public and private sector, with recommendations, from 2008.

Crown Copyright (The National Archives) – Advice and guidance from OPSI which, through the Controller of HMSO, manages and licenses copyrights owned by the Crown.