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Details: Eastgate House, Lincoln

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Present name

Eastgate House 



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Post 1948


Pre 1948


Post 1948

Other information

According to information here, on Eastgate House 'Robert Gardiner Hill esq, FSA, one of the city surgeons, has an excellent Private Lunatic Asylum at his residence, called Eastgate House. During 1835 & several Succeeding years, he was house surgeon at Lincoln Lunatic Asylum, & it was there that this eminent philanthropist first carried out the present humane "system of non-restraint in lunacy" & discarded the strait waistcoats, the iron shackles, & other instruments, with which the more refractory patients were sometimes tortured into confirmed madness; when kindness & vigilant attention to health, cleanliness, & comfort, would either have restored them to sanity or have made them happy & peaceful residents of the asylum.' There is now an Eastgate House Care Home in Lincoln but there is no indication that this is a successor to the earlier one.

Records can be found at:


  Lincolnshire Archives

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1851 - 1856

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Records 1851-1856 (NRA)

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