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Details: Pembroke House, London

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Present name

Pembroke House 


Hackney London  

Previous location

Foundation Year




Closure year


Administrative authorities

County (before 1974)



Pre 1948

Private, Military

Post 1948


Pre 1948


Post 1948

Other information

In 1818, the East India Company made arrangements to send any of its servants who became insane while in India back to Britain, and to lodge them with Dr George Rees of Pembroke House, Hackney. The Company paid Dr Rees 40 a year for each soldier, sailor or minor civil servant (second-class patients) and 100 a year for officers and senior civil servants (first-class patients). Although patients were expected to reimburse the Company from their pension or other income, in practice the Company subsidised many of the second-class patients. It was sold in 1870 and the India Office acquired the Elm Grove estate, Ealing, and set about converting the house there to receive patients. The Royal India Asylum opened there in the same year for military patients only

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1845 - 1870


1857 - 1865

   Admission & Discharge

1845 - 1870

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1830 - 1870

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Medical Certificates, registers of admissions, discharges, removals and deaths, case books, Medical Visitation books, miscellanous correspondence and numerical returns

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