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Details: Alexandra Hospital for Children With Hip Disease, Luton

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Present name

Alexandra Hospital for Children With Hip Disease 

Previous name(s)

House of Relief for Children with Chronic Diseases of the Joints, 1867 - 1870
Hospital for Hip Diseases in Children, 1870 - 1881  


Stockwood Park Swanley Luton (Since 1940) 

Previous location

Queen Square, Bloomsbury, London (1867 - 1920)
Kettlewell Home, Swanley, Kent (1920 - 1940)

Foundation Year




Closure year


Administrative authorities

Regional Hospital Board (1948-74)

London (Teaching) 

Hospital Management Committee (1948-74)

Royal Hospital of St Bartholomew 

Regional Health Authority (1974-82)

Not Applicable 

Regional Health Authority (1982- )

Not Applicable 

District Health Authority (1974-82)

Not Applicable 

District Health Authority (1982- )

Not Applicable 

County (before 1974)


County (1974-1996)

Not Applicable 

County (after 1996)

Not applicable 


Pre 1948


Post 1948



Pre 1948


Post 1948

OTHER: Children's orthopaedic / infantile Cerebral Palsy / Poliomyelitis

Other information

Amalgamated with St Bartholemew's Hospital in 1922 and absorbed by this in 1952. Also Helen Branch Hospital, Bournemouth - Convalescent home for Alexandra Hospital patients, 1874 - 1893 Wash Well Home, Painswick, Gloucestershire - convalescent home for Alexandra Hospital patients 1893 - 1914 Clandon Branch Hospital, East Clandon, Surrey - Branch hospital of the Alexandra Hospital, 1903 - 1936 The Alexandra Hospital for Children with Hip Diseases was opened on 12 March 1867. Founded by a group of women (two of whom were nurses at the nearby Great Ormond Street Hospital), it was known initially as the House of Relief for Children with Chronic Diseases of the Joints, and was based in 19 Queen Square, Bloomsbury, London. Hip disease, or tuberculous arthritis, was a common disease at this time, and the demand for the hospital's beds was such that 18 Queen Square was purchased in 1872 to provide additional accommodation. 17 Queen Square was acquired in 1873, and properties in Queens Square Place were added over the following years. In 1881 Princess Alexandra consented to the hospital being re-named in her honour, and by 1897 the Alexandra Hospital had sixty eight beds. However, the buildings in which the hospital was accommodated were dilapidated and unsanitary, and in 1898 a decision was taken to re-build. The hospital took temporary accommodation at 34 Guilford Street, Russell Square, London whilst the rebuilding took place. The new hospital buildings opened on 20 July 1899. In 1920 the Alexandra Hospital moved from its central London location, and took up residence at the Kettlewell Home at Swanley in Kent, the site of St Bartholomew's Hospital's concalescent home. The Alexandra Hospital had had close ties with Bart's institutions. These links were now strengthened, and on 3 November 1922 the hospitals amalgamated. in 1940 the Alexandra Hospital moved for the final time, to Stockwood Park, near Luton, a property on lease from Luton Borough Council. It was later proposed that a further move be made, to Nyn Park in Hertfordshire, but these suggestions came to nothing, and in 1958 the Ministry of Health closed the Alexandra Hospital.

Records can be found at:


  London Metropolitan Archives

Record type

Date range


1897 - 1938


1897 - 1938

Finding aids

Finding aids

Brief Guide(BG)

Location of finding aids

At Repository(AR)


Brief Guide: Hospital and Charity Annual Reports.


In Annual Reports Collection Reference: SC/PPS/093/01


  St Bartholomew's Hospital Archives and Museum

Record type

Date range


1714 - 1958


1871 - 1958


1867 - 1958


1714 - 1955


1905 - 1958

   Admission & Discharge

1867 - 1901


1887 - 1955


1867 - 1955


1896 - 1955


1922 - 1958

Clinical & Patients

1866 - 1958

Finding aids

Finding aids

Catalogue, Card Index, Computerised

Location of finding aids

At Repository(AR), National Register of Archives (NRA)



Alexandra Hospital School attendance and log books, 1933 - 1958

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