Workday accessibility statement

Candidate experience: search and apply

Workday has a strong commitment to accessibility and users of all abilities use our solutions every day. Workday has invested in aligning to WCAG 2.1 A/AA criteria to ensure that users have an experience that is consistent with their expectations. Workday’s investment in accessibility includes our team of subject matter experts who work in conjunction with product teams to establish WCAG consistent criteria during design. These efforts include the external candidate experience from searching for open positions through hire.

There are several components to the candidate experience, including searching for a job and applying for a position. In Workday release 2020.R2 we introduced an accessible application experience for external users to submit the information they need to complete their job application. Further enhancements are planned for the job search, filter and view job posting areas of the External Career Sites in Workday release 2021.R2

Our design teams are working closely with accessibility experts and enhancements are anticipated to address known gaps. In the interim, users may face some challenges to the accessible user experience:

  1. screen readers and keyboard users may experience difficulty in using some of the filtering features when searching for a position, extraneous information may be announced when moving
  2. between job description links
  3. after filtering a search, options are not placed logically in the focus order
  4. the zip code and distance fields used for filtering jobs do not report formatting errors
  5. buttons and other components may have redundant labels
  6. tooltips may not be reported to keyboard users
  7. list item tags may not be encapsulated in a list tag
  8. navigating between filter checkboxes the viewport does not scroll with navigation
  9. social media icons do not meet colour and contrast ratios

Workday is committed to accessibility and removing challenges for all users is a priority. The issues described above may create challenges to a smooth experience, however, they do not prevent users from searching for and applying to a position.


Some configuration choices can affect the accessible user experience. We recommend adopting the latest branding and apply flow configuration changes. More information from the Workday community site can be found here:
User Experience Branding
Using the new apply flow
Candidate experience roadmap

Workday’s Safe Harbor Statement applies to this Statement of Accessibility for Candidate Experience.