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Will of Raphe Bell

Will of Raphe Bell

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN. This thenth day of October 1606 [mistake for 1605] I Raphe Bell of Hackney in the Com of Middlesex yeoman, beinge of perfecte memory thanks be to God do make this my last Will in forme followinge

ffyrste I bequeath my Sowle unto Allmighty God who gave it me and my body to bee buryed in Hackney Churche Yarde by my daughter Ursula.

Itm I give unto my daughter Suzan all my freehold lande in Ould Ford Marshe and the lease which I have of Mr Egerton of Land in the same Marshe to have and to hould the sayd land from and after the decease of my wellbeloved Wife Jane[,] unto my said daughter Suzan and unto her heirs forever. And to have and hould the sayd lease unto my sayd daughter Suzan her Executors and assigns all the residue of yeares which shall remayne at the death of my sayd wife Jane.

Item I give unto my sayd Wife Jane me free lands etc aforesaid mencioned lease deuringe her naturall lyfe.

Item I give unto my Daughter Suzan tenn pounds

Item I give unto my Grandchilde Jane Allen forty shillings

Item I give unto my Daughter Mary twenty shillings.

Item. I give unto my Sonn in Lawe George Allen my best cloake

Item I give unto my lovinge friend Nicholas Miller my frise Jerkin with the silver buttons beinge thirty fyve of them.

Item I give unto my syster Mrs Lettis Calles tenn shillings

item I give unto my wellbeloved Wyfe Jane Bell all my other goods chattelles moveables and ymoveables not before bequeathed my debts beinge payd and my funeral expence defrayed. And I do make sayd good Wife Jane full and sole executrix of this my last will and testament utterly revoking and anhillinge all other or former Wills

Dated the daye and yeare above written by me Raphe Bell written with my own hand. The debts I owe withoute speciality Thomas Nicholls fower pound and his tythe payd Bartholomewe Artridge thirty two shillings six pence and his tith payd William Munn neere aboute thirty six shillings and his tyth payd Mr Augustin Kellam forty shillings lent by me in money. By me Austin Kellan, Nicholas Miller his mark.

Proved 9 January 1606