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Will of Margaret Maxfield

Will of Margaret Maxfield

IN THE NAME OF GOD AMEN the yeare of our Lorde God 1559 the xxi daie of September I Margarett Maxfield Widow of the Parish of Hackney in the Countie of Middlesex sick in bodies but whole in minde and of good memorie God be praised make my Testament and laste Will in fourme and manner as heraftre followeth.

First I bequeathe my Soule to the greate mercie of Almighytie God And my bodie to be buried in [Christian] buriall

Item I Geve and bequeath to ye Poore of the Parishe of Hackney vi [shillings] viii d to be distributed amongest them the daie of my buriall

Item I Geve to Harry my eldest Sonne one Silver cuppe and his Fathers beste ringe of Golde

Item I geve and bequeath to Robert my Sonne one goblett of Silver

Item I geve and bequeath to William my Sonne one goblett of Silver of like eighte and fashion

Item I geve and bequeath to my eldest Daughter Annie Maxfielde sixe Silver Spoons, a Stone Pott covered with Silver beinge percell gilte And myne owne best ringe moreover I geve and bequeath unto my foure Daughters Anne Maxfielde Johan Maxfielde Elizabeth and Margaret all my goods moveable and unmoveable not yet bequeathed to be equally devided among them parte and portion like my debtes legacies and funerals discharged and contented

Item I ordeine and make Harry Maxfield and Robert my Sonnes my Executours together and Overseers to this my laste Will William Maxfielde my youngest Sonne and Thomas Denham of the Parish of Hackney. To ye which Thomas I bequeathe xiii [shillings] iiii d for his paynes and diligence in this behalf to see this my testament and laste Will in all points perfourmed. In witness whereof I the said Margaret have to these presents sett my marke ye daie and yeare above written. Witnesseth Mr Arthur Derricott Robert Stokes, Vicar there Jeffrey Jones

Proved 10 May 1560