Virtual Reality House
 View of milkhouse Front view of Rectory
In the mylke howse
Item one Churne and a Breadgratexvid
Item one Presse of Napkynsxiid
Item one Cheese Rackexiid
Item one little old Safe Cupboardiis
Item little Sope boxesiiid
Item one Candlecasteiiiid
Item one paire of Woodden Scales with 2 libra and a dimidium wayghtvid
Item one Breade Byngeiis
Item three Runlettes and a butter Fyrkynxiid
Item one vennice lasseiiiid
Item three Butter Crockesxiid
Item one Butter Baskettiiid
Item three Brasen Candlestickesiiiis
Item 7 pewter dishes and a Basoniiiis viiid
Item 5 Fruite dishes of Pewterxxd
Item 6 pewter pottingeresxviiid
Item 8 pewter Sawcersxvid
Item a Brasse Morter with a pestleiiis
Item 3 trencher plates of pewterxiid
Item 10 trenchersid
Item one Juice to lay beere onvid
Item one saltseller, a maudlyn Cuppe and a Wyne Cup of pewterxiid
Item 3 stone pottes and a stone fruite disheiiiid
Item 2 narrowe mouthed glassesiid
Item one little paynted Boxid
Item one pipkyn one stone bottle and 2 stone pieces with handlesIid
(xxxs vid)