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Welcome to Tudor Hackney

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Other parts of the site will tell you what Hackney was like in this period, when it comprised three parishes - Hackney itself,  Stoke Newington and Shoreditch, on the edge of the City of London, home to two theatres and an up and coming playwright, William Shakespeare.

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Tudor Hackney enables you to explore the world of 1601 through a virtual reality reconstruction of the Rectory House, which once stood on the west side of Hackney's Mare Street (then called Church Street).

Much of the information we have on the Rectory comes from an inventory of the house taken when the owners, John and Jane Daniell, fell foul of the law, and their house and goods were seized by the Crown.

Their story is told here in the form of a video drama - find out more about them, how they raised the money to alter the house and what happened to them in the end.

Enjoy your excursion into Tudor Hackney.
We hope that it will provide an insight into general Tudor life, and how court and country could come to be linked in the web of intrigue and politics of the latter days of Elizabeth I.

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This site, developed with funding from the New Opportunities Fund as one of the projects within Sense of Place, London, forms part of the National Archive's Education site. It was developed as a partnership between Hackney Archives Department, Immediate Theatre and the National Archive's Education Team