Versailles Study Day 2019

Behind the Hall of Mirrors: Versailles study day – 24 June 2019

To commemorate the centenary anniversary of the Treaty of Versailles, students will have the opportunity to take part in our exciting event taking place on 24 June 2019!

We’re all familiar with historians’ arguments about the Treaty of Versailles paving the way for the Second World War, but what do we really know about process that took place in 1919? The logistics involved;  the stress and anxieties of those at the negotiating table; Germany’s involvement and the role of ‘new’ diplomacy?

As part of this fascinating study day, students will use original documents to explore the glossy public image of the peace process, before looking at the anxieties and the difficult processes that existed beneath this veneer. How was such a huge task planned and undertaken? What role did women play in this process? And why did one diplomat describe the work of the British Foreign Office as a ‘messy muddle’?

In the afternoon, guest historian Ben Walsh will give a talk about his research into the Versailles Treaty and its legacy.

Designed for upper KS3/ KS4

We have limited space on this study day so please do get in touch if you are interested in bringing your class.

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