20sStreets Local History Project

The National Archives are excited to run a special local history project this year inspired by the release of the 1921 census. Learners in four schools will explore what the census and incredible collections from local archives can reveal about households on one street in their area. They will also work with local artists Seanna Doonan, Rudy Loewe, Melanie Young & Kate Eggleston-Wirtz to create visual artwork inspired by their work as local history detectives.

They will explore stories of people like 22 year old Olive, a ‘carpet sweeper tester’ in Accrington or 42 year old Samuel who worked as a ‘Confectioner cream paste maker’ in Mile End.

We are working with four archives; West Yorkshire Archive Services, Lancashire Archives, Kresen Kernow and Tower Hamlets archives.

In September we will release a KS2 education resource ‘How can we find out about people who lived in the 1920s?’ inspired by the project.


You can find the work of our partner artists on their websites:

Seanna Doonan – https://www.seannadoonanillustration.com/

Rudy Loewe – https://rudyloewe.com/ 

Melanie Young – https://www.melanieyoungart.com/

Kate Eggleston-Wirtz – https://eggwirtz.com/