How proud can Britain be?

This lesson sequence for year 9 (or possibly year 12) students was written by Steven Howarth from Ermysted’s Grammar School in Skipton.

Overall enquiry question

How proud can Britain be of the Royal Navy’s efforts to end the Atlantic slave trade in the 19th century?

Learning objectives

  • interpreting primary sources of evidence (from The National Archives)
  • learning about methods used by the Royal Navy to suppress Atlantic slave trade in the 19th century
  • forming and testing hypotheses
  • comparing contemporary and hindsight perspectives on historical events
  • make judgments taking the historic context into account


Lesson plans (PDF, 0.12Mb)

Powerpoints and documents (ZIP, 8.38Mb)

Rationale for lessons and teacher’s notes (PDF, 0.12Mb)

Contextual essay (PDF, 0.13Mb)