Source 5: Spies and informers

Constance Stringer was also a spy, or ‘informer’ for Parliament, like Elizabeth Alkin. They passed on information about who was fighting for the King to Parliament.


The Information of Constance Stringer widdowe on the behalfe of the Common Wealth against Francis Moore of Seven stoke in the County of Worcester Gentelman. That when Worcester Citty was a Garrison for the late Kinge the said Francis Moore in the yeare 1644 was a Commander and in armes in that Citty against the Parliament and did then doe many Acts of Hostility there.

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This is an extract from a report from Constance Stringer to Parliament.

  1. What might have motivated Constance Stringer to spy for Parliament?
  2. Could this have been a dangerous thing to do?
  3. In what ways might it have been easier for women to act as spies rather than men?