Source 4

Colonial Office: Tasmania Convict Discipline 1873 (CO 280/83)

4. Look at Source 4. This is an extract from the discipline records for convicts shipped to Hobart in Van Diemens Land (now Tasmania).

  • Read through the list. What kind of offences have the people been disciplined for?
  • Look for the record of Frederick Edwards. Can you find how long he was sentenced for transportation? (HINT: look under his prisoner number)
  • Look at Ann Mackenna’s record. She has more than one sentencing term. Why do you think this is?
  • Do you think the people on this list are adults, children or a mixture or both? Why?
  • Do you think these punishments were fair or unfair?
  • People who were transported were usually sentenced for a fixed time, such as seven years. Do you think they were allowed to go back to Britain after this time had passed?