Source 3

Mary McDonald prisoner number 2424 1873 (PCOM 2/291)


Name No – Mary McDonald 2424

and Aliases – Ryan

Description Age (on discharge) 40

Height ________________5ft 2

Hair __________________L Grey

Eyes _________________D Blue

Complexion ____________Pale

Where born ___________ Ireland

Married or Single _______Single

Trade or occupation _____Laundress

Distinguishing marks – Scars both eyebrows Broken nose – Scar upper lip

Address at time of apprehension – No settled home

Place and date of conviction – Southwark 13 March 73

Offence for which convicted – Simple Larceny – St[ealin]g a p[ai]r of boots

Sentence – 3 Cal{endar] Mo[nth]s H[ard] L[abour]

Date to be liberated – 12 June 73

Indended residence after liberation – 12 Mint St Borough S.E.

Previous Convictions


14 Sep 68 Pawning a shawl 1 Cal[endar] Mo[nth] Greenwich

3 Aug 69 St[ealin]g a jacket 6 Cal[endar] Mo[nth]s ” By Jury

Remarks, antecedents &c

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3. Look at Source 3. This is the prison record for Mary McDonald who was convicted of theft in 1873.

  • Look at Mary’s prison record, what can you find out from it that shows she has been in trouble before?
  • What was Mary’s occupation before she was arrested?
  • Look at the items that Mary has been accused of stealing. How do you think she got these items?
  • Why do you think she would have stolen and pawned them?
  • What was Mary’s sentence for this crime?
  • How do you think she would have been treated today for the same crime?