Mary McDonald crime sheet

Crime sheet for Mary McDonald, 1873 (PCOM 2/291)


Name, No. Mary McDonald 2424, 31st May’73
and Aliases Ryan
Age (on discharge) 40
Height 5 ft 2
Hair Lt. Grey
Eyes Lt. Blue
Complexion Pale
Where born Ireland
Married or single Single
Trade or occupation Laundress
Distinguishing marks Scars both eyebrows, Broken nose–Scar upper lip

Address at time of apprehension No settled home
Place and date of conviction Southwark 13 March 73
Offence for which convicted Simple larceny – Stg a pr. of boots

Sentence 3 Cal. Mos. H. L.
Date to be liberated 12-Jun-73
Intended residence after Liberation 14 Mint St. Borough, S.E.

Previous Convictions
14 Sept 1868 Pawning shawl
1 Cal Mo. Greenwich

3 Aug 1869 Stg a jacket
6 Cal. Mos.

By Jury

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