Letter to the poor law commissioners

A letter to the poor law commissioners about the question of outdoor relief, 1836 (MH 12/9524 f54)

Thomas Marriott, Clerk to the Guardians of the Southwell Union, to the Poor Law Commission, lists women by name, with their children and their ages, compares cost of outdoor relief with cost of keeping them in the workhouse. He asks whether deserted wives/widows and their children can continue to receive outdoor relief [payment] or whether they should be sent to the workhouse. If they are sent to the workhouse the building will soon be too small and the expenditure will double.

Southwell Union, Oct. 27 1836

The Chairman and Guardians of the Southwell Union

Report to the Poor Law commissioners that they have several applications from widows and wives abandoned by their husbands, to whom they have granted Outdoor Relief and to that continuation of which they wish obtain the sanction of the Board. The annexed Schedule [table “” not found /]
of the cost of each person out of the House [workhouse], and what they will cost in.

Name No. of ChildrenAges In the houseOut relief
s [shillings]s [shillings]
d [pence]
Hannah Mellony39, 10, 26s/3d3/
Hannah Bellamy311, 9, 36.34/
------ Walster411, 10,8.408-Sep
9, 9, twins
Mary Milny 412, 10, 8, 68.43/-
Rebecca Hollingsworth 513, 10, 9,7,510.56/
Mary Shaw311, 9,76.33/
Eliz [abeth] Bryan 37, 5, 36.33/
------ Seward2" " "4.22/
Mary Marmuel412, 7, 5, 308-Apr5/
E. Taylor 4" " " "8.62/
Eliz [abeth] Crych413,10, 8, 68.42/
Ann Cox 3 9,7,56.33/

The above list of Widows & children whose Fathers have absconded [run away] at various periods, some very distant are submitted [sent in] for your consideration [opinion] that a general principal [rule] may be established [set down] for if the deserted families are sent into the Workhouse- (as the auditor [person who checks how much the Workhouse is spending] supposes the rule requires). The building will shortly be too small, and the expenditure [cost] more than double.

I have the honor to be Gentlemen,
Your very obedient servant

Clerk to the Guardians      Thomas Marriot

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