Source 2

2. Look at Source 2. This is a photograph of Caroline Cottages, Conduit Place, taken around the 1890s.

  • Are these homes for the rich or the poor?
  • How many families lived in Conduit Place (at least)? (Handy Hint: count the front doors.)
  • How many rooms do you think each home had?
  • What would go on in each room?
  • Where would the children play?
  • There is only one young person in this photo. Does that mean that:
    • no children lived here except him?
    • the people that lived here were comfortably off because they could afford to send their children to school?
    • school was compulsory in the 1890s, so the children would be in school?
  • Can you see what the woman at the end of the street is carrying?