Source 1

Joseph Lewis, prisoner 5248 (PCOM 2/291)


Name No – Joseph Lewis 5248

and Aliases.___________________




Age (on discharge) _____ 11

Height _______________ 4ft 6 3/4

Hair _________________ Lt Brown

Eyes _________________Dk Grey

Complexion ___________ Fresh

Where Born ___________England

Married or Single _______Single

Trade or occupation _____None

Distinguishing marks _____Pockmarked Scar rght wrist


Address at time of apprehension – 32 Princess St Rotherhithe

Place and date of conviction – Greenwich 10 April 73

Offence for which convicted – Simple Larceny for st[ealin]g 28lb of Iron = 3/-

Sentence – 1 Cal[endar] Mo[nth] H[ard] L[abour]

Date to be liberated – 9 May 1873

Intended residence after liberation – Same Previous




By Jury


Remarks antecedents &c


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1. Look at Source 1. Read through the document to make sure you understand what it is telling you.

  • How old was Joseph?
  • What offence had he committed?
  • What was his sentence?
  • Why do you think a photograph and description of this boy was included in his record?
  • Why do you think he committed this crime?