Traffic speed control

Police memorandum recommending speed controls, 16 October, 1922 (Catalogue ref: MEPO 2/2090)


Metropolitan Police

Station “L” Division

16th October, 1922


B.2. Dept.

I beg to recommend that a limited number of authorised controls on this Division be worked to check the excessive speed of motor cars, and submit a list of controls for consideration.

No .2   Control           Kennington Road

“      6.       “                Kennington Park Road

“      31       “               Blackfriars Road

“      19       “               Clapham Road                                         )

“      21       “               Clapham Common, North Side                ) “A”

“      22       “               South Lambeth Road                               )

“      190     “                Lavender Hill                                           )

“      62       “                North Side, Clapham Common               ) “B”

“      68       “                Battersea Bridge Road                            )


In the event of timing being undertaken there is not a sufficient number of trained Officers who have passed the test, available in the Division for the duty. The number of trained officers on the Division is 3 Sergeants, and one Constable. Two P.C.’s have been instructed in the use of the stop watch, but they have not yet been tested. I would recommend that the two constables be tested in the use of the stop watch and if they be efficient there would then be a sufficient number of men to make a variation in the Officers employed in this work. The controls marked “A” and “B” respectively are made in “V” and “W” Divisions before the Divisions were revised in February, 1921, and the numbers shown were allotted by those Divisions


  1. Abbott,

Superintendent  “L”


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