The South African War: Source 4b

Look at Source 4b.

Original caption: ‘Photograph: News vender with placard on which is “Express, Saturday May 19. Hurrah!! Mafeking Relieved. Papers under right arm, one in left hand. Contents bill on Pavement’. Catalogue ref: COPY 1/446/306

The 18th May came to be known as Mafeking Night, such was the expression of delight witnessed across the British Empire once British forces had arrived at Mafeking. These scenes even resulted in the addition of a new word to the English language, ‘to maffick’, meaning to celebrate with boisterous rejoicing and hilarious behaviour.

  • Can you describe the location of the photograph?
  • What makes it possible to date the photograph?
  • How is the fall of Mafeking recorded in this newspaper?
  • What do both photographs tell us about how people in Britain viewed the war at this time?