Case Study One: Hezekiah Moscow

Source one:
1. What kind of attractions can you see at the East London Aquarium?
2. What animals can you see?
3. This is situated in the Whitechapel area – can everyone go?

Source two:
4. What has Hezekiah Moscow been accused of?
5. Does the author agree with the charge? What reasons do they give?

Source three (a) and three (b):
6. What is this man’s name and occupation?
7. Why do you think these photographs have been taken?
8. What can we tell about this man’s life from his photographs?
9. What ideas does the photographer suggest by these two photographs of Ching Hook?

Source four:
10. What does this document reveal about Hezekiah Moscow and Ching Hook?
11. What can you learn about Sam Baxter?
12. What else is going on except the boxing match?
13. What evidence is there that Ching Hook is a successful boxer?

Add these details to your timeline

Advert for Ching Hook at the Sebright Music Hall

Poster for the East London Aquarium, 1881.

Shoreditch Observer - 16th February 1884 4.

COPY1/392 Ching Hook 1888, (a) boxer in fighting stance and (b) in private clothes 6.

Sporting Life Magazine - 6th January 1888 10.